About us

Our Story
Our beginning starts with our founder listening to the "Lady Start Up Podcast" interview with Clair the founder of "Graziher Magazine", it ignited a spark of interest deep within our founder to start an equestrian magazine way back in 2021. Fast forward to 2023. At the end of February while pondering the thought of an equestrian magazine it dawned on our founder, that we don't have a solely specific magazine that celebrates and shines the spotlight on Thoroughbred and Standardbreds post racing. With our founder's passion for ex-racehorses and years working in the racing industry and showing Thoroughbreds, led to the creation of "Off The Track Equestrian Magazine" being established on April the 7th 2023.  
Our Mission
Is to unleash the untold potential of ex-racehorses, illuminating their extraordinary journeys beyond the racetrack. Through captivating interviews with riders who have forged remarkable partnerships with Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. We ignite a flame of inspiration that transcends disciplines, from Show Jumping to Working Equitation and beyond. Guided by a collective of experts, we empower owners with the knowledge, providing a compass for optimal care and training of their off the track horses. As an Australian-based magazine, we galvanize a passionate equestrian community, united in our love for the racing industry and our unwavering support for horses as they embark on fulfilling lives after racing. Together, we redefine what it means to be a champion.
Meet our Founder, Whitney Restall 
 Off The Track Equestrian Magazine Founder
Whether you are a competitive rider, a horse owner, or simply someone who loves these magnificent animals, we have something for you. From insightful articles to stunning photography, our content is designed to inform, inspire, and motivate.
So come join us on this exciting journey and discover the beauty and majesty of horses. Thank you for choosing "Off The Track Equestrian Magazine" as your go to source for all things off the track equestrian.